Thursday, December 1, 2011

personal shelter

hi so I have a few random life updates, I haven't really discussed much on this blog about my life so I'll go ahead and give it a go. Just this past week I finally broke down and purchased my very own 5d mkii, I am unbelievably happy with it. Having a new camera has inspired me to go out and do magical things, and I feel really good about the future of my work.

I've also recently been seeing a lot more of Ryan, having someone to create alongside has been really helpful, something I have really missed. When he visited Jacksonville this weekend, we created this, among other things. He helped me sort through these photos and choose the best edits. He also opened up my 5d with me when it came in on Monday and showed me all of the different options, modes, buttons and what have you. We're working towards something really good and I am really thankful for that.

For these photos, my good friend Hank Grinold built a personal shelter for his 3d design class. It is the comfiest and loveliest thing, tucked away in the corner of the nature reserves on my school's campus. This morning I went on an adventure to find it and when I finally came across it my mind was blown and my heart melted. It is so soft and fond, it really brings me back to my memories of the cotton series.

So I shot the old fashioned way, remote in hand, tripod and my brand new baby. I am really proud of these, it feels so good to incorporate someone else's work with my own.

As his professor called it, a crossing between two disciplines. I am really thrilled.


(that's hank)


  1. Lexi, these are beautiful, I think you did a pretty good job of conveying a sense of warmth reminiscent of the cotton series. And I must say this here because I don't think I have yet, but you so pull off your hair.Copious amounts of jealousy because my curly out of control hair cannot do that.

  2. are you still using your sigma 30mm with the 5d?

  3. absolutely beautiful photographs :) all the photos that follow Hank's portrait are my favourites. You definitely captured the wonder of the shelter's design.

  4. no sarah, I'm not, I had to sell it because the 30 doesn't fit onto the 5d, it's not for full framed cameras so it creates a super vignette

  5. the last one absolutely slays me. such a good little series

  6. These are stunning, absolutely breathtaking and pure and clean, on a cold day in Florida I can think of nowhere I'd rather be. You are beautiful, dear.

  7. o0o0o0o0o what lens dyou use now? i'm looking for a wide-angle lens but you also have the advantage of full frame you so lucky

  8. These are so amazing! I'm a big fan of your use of light. I admire how you didn't fall asleep in that thing. looks like a soft human cocoon.

  9. for this I used the 50mm 1.4, I am looking to invest in a 28 1.8 soon as well :)

  10. Hi, I'm a fibers student, so I was wondering if you knew what the shelter is made of, and how he structured the fibers. This looks amazing!