Saturday, February 18, 2012

color scheme

This is just a little series from an assignment in my color photo class, we had to photograph six color schemes in whatever way we saw fit, based on abstract, still life or portraiture.

These photos would have never existed had it not been for Ryan, he drove up to Jacksonville early in the morning with a day's notice just to help me in the studio when I had some confusion with my model. I hadn't really planned to do self portraits but he came and helped me figure it out.

He helped me with lighting, composition and concepts, he just helped to bring my ideas to life.

We work so well as a team, we play off of each other's strengths and weaknesses and our ideas always come together so smoothly

he's the best

I am relatively pleased with these, they are really simple and they ended up surprisingly well considering the circumstances

enjoy xo



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  1. These are quite nice Lexi. The cool and the neutral shots are my favorite. I really like your use of texture. The mesh and your dress contrasts so beautifully with the soft white background and your skin. Really, these are such classy and elegant portraits. The neutral one is very reminiscent of religious iconography which gets me every time.