Thursday, June 7, 2012




Today was a very rainy and gloomy one. After class I came home planning on shooting with my 4x5 and after one semi-successful shot and three blank shots, Ryan and I came to the conclusion that my camera is leaking light somewhere, somehow. The problem with big cameras like that is that the leak could be anywhere, in the film back, in the connection between the back and the camera body, in the camera body. It's going to take some investigating and some wasted film, which is a shame but with four boxes of color film on the way I would much rather waste the black and white (it's far cheaper).

So after about 10 dollars worth of blank images I retired the 4x5 for the day and replaced it with my 5d and my occasionally functional 50mm.

This little spot is a few feet from our front door and I covered my camera with a towel and camped out in the spot in the rain and it felt so good to be out shooting just because.



(pretty accident)

the "location"


out of focus 4x5 shot

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