Tuesday, July 10, 2012


kindling 36/365

I waited until the afternoon to shoot because I wanted golden hour but the storm came in and I was out of luck. I went out to shoot and mosquitoes swarmed round me. I came inside and noticed some shadows around the apartment and I wanted to make some of my own. After hanging up a sheet in the bathroom doorway, I had a lot of trouble figure out what to photograph. Then Ryan came to play around with me and after a few hilarious photos it just fell into place

I am so thankful for him

I also received a really awesome email today that just really makes me want to reiterate that it blows my mind that people like my photos enough to really pay attention and want them to be involved in their own work

I can't even fathom it sometimes, thank you so much for just coming on here to see my 365 every day and saying nice things about my photos and just caring at all, you don't even have to, but you do. so thank you, I am eternally grateful

this song feels accurate


  1. Amazing photo. You remind me a bit of Kimbra in Gotye's videoclip, hehe.
    By the way, I love the tattoo on your leg!