Friday, July 13, 2012


the most human color 39/365

blue lips
blue veins

worked for nine hours and by the time I felt like shooting it was all blue outside and I always find this time of day so magical and eerie

I like asking questions on my images, I love reading your responses, what's your favorite time of the day? it can even be a specific time, like 7:34 p.m. EST. What is it and maybe link to a photo where you feel like you did it justice



  1. I like that time after the sun has set but before it gets too dark to take pictures. Just a little bit later than when you took this, when it is deeper blue outside. I don't know, this is the only picture I have that is when I'm talking about:

  2. You always take the most beautiful photos ... and I'm liking the different blog design. :)
    As for my favorite time to take photos, I guess I could say golden hour, although there isn't much of one where I live; you have to go out at 10pm to be able to catch it. I took this photo at the very beginning of it: so it was still super light out. I don't know, I try not to wait for the right light though, I just experiment.

    Haha okay I'm rambling. But yeah, you're an awesome photographer and I have really been enjoying your 365. :)

  3. I really like the time just after sunrise, because it doesnt happen too often In awake that time of the day and the air is still so crisp and nobodys on the streets yet.

  4. Love this particular picture.

    My favorite time of day is really, really early morning. Obviously, I look like hell at that time, so I haven't even thought of taking a picture. Aha!


  5. I like late at night, it is the only time where I feel truly calm.