Monday, March 5, 2012

chasing the moon

as inspired by some photos I shot a few months ago as well as an assignment in my color photography class, this little series tells the story of a girl gliding through the woods chasing the moon and as she comes closer and closer the colors become more intensive, lush and spring-like

I wanted to play with tension and color schemes and combination, as well as photoshop manipulations

I have always been intrigued by levitation work but I have taken the literal way out in most of my endeavors,by literally jumping time and time again until I could achieve the right composition with my body and I decided it was about time I did it a different way, through layer masks and a 10 dollar stool from Walmart

I think this was, for the most part, a success (much more so than my first attempt years and years ago)



IMG_3864in prog2

IMG_3763in pro2copy

IMG_3800 in progrss




  1. love the first one and the last one :)

  2. got the chills :)
    you're brilliant!

  3. i love how you have made the moon's glow spill across your face and body in the last picture. really well done.

  4. Oh my, these are fascinating. I cannot wait to see more projects from you Alexis, you are a wonderful soul!

  5. ohmygod, this pictures are simply amazing!!!! love them!

  6. The shadow in the third is perfect!