Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I hoped the weather would be lovely today and it was up until the time I wanted to shoot. The storm clouds came in and a new location I wanted to try was covered in no trespassing signs and I didn't want to brave it alone so I returned to the abandoned golf course in our apartment complex. After wading through a week's worth of muddy grass and rolling around amongst spiders and various other insects, I finally ended up with some images.

I know they seem a little repetitive, I just really wanted to revisit the sun hat, but in a more anonymous way

I also really wanted to play with complementary colors, red & green

so here we go

click to see em bigger






  1. Lexi! The third one is really nice! I have to say - I'm kinda sorta really excited you're giving the 365 a second shot. Sometimes when I come across a few early images in your original 365 I get this weird sort of nostalgia about the time when we were pen pals (which mostly consisted of a thousand q & a's and glitter and handmade gifts!!)and back when mike and me were bffs and ursa and the major and silly sentimental things like that. I don't know, I'm just really glad you're doing this again :')

  2. these are lovely lexi, i love seeing these daily updates! <3

  3. The last three are actually my favorite, the last one being my absolute fave. Sunkissed summer shoulders orange nails clementine and the green, i dig it

  4. wuuu i love them all. especially the second one. i adore it's story and mood so much.

  5. I think these are my favourite photos of you so far. The tones and the mood are so good. I especially love the first and third one!

  6. Everyone is perfect in it's own way, with it's own story and world but all filled with soul and beauty.